Despite many opinions, relaxation and getting out of stress are among the benefits provided by sauna. The willing to evade from the daily stressful world should be of no wonder for anybody. Specially that there are many advantages. Once you find out more, you’ll become eager to try. Many persons around you have already done it! Besides the therapeutic experience provided by saunas, while heat is released, you can enjoy other benefits. The heat increases the heart activity, expands the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation. Due to the high temperature, the person begins to perspire, thus eliminating the toxins from the body (the same physiological process occurred during a cardio exercises class). Add some lavender or eucalyptus and suddenly you discover also the benefits of the aromatherapy. You’ll be more relaxed and is possible to fell instantaneously re-fresher. This heat accelerates the metabolism and cardiac rhythm so, you can loose weight while relaxing. Many people are using sauna for burning extra-calories. Moreover, the muscles and the body will be relaxed. And this could enormously help you after a hard work or could help you to get off a pain or a wound. Of course, we cannot forget the benefits of the sauna as regards the skin: you get off the dust and the chemical substances from pores and the dead cells will be exfoliated. The treatment can resemble with the one for treating acne or skin’s spots.

Advices for a successful sauna program

  1. Do not eat much and heavy before going to sauna. Do not drink alcohol. Do not drink other liquids, as sauna has a depurative effect;
  2. Take a shower before entering into the sauna; this way the natural greasy on the skin will be removed and the perspiration will be easier released. Dry yourself with a towel;
  3. Go to the bathroom before entering into the sauna;
  4. Do not drink anything between the first and the second sauna sessions, the drinks hamper the des-intoxication effect.