“One to one” classes are the most popular and efficient trainings, providing maximum results to our clients. The key of success is to obtain maximum of results with minimum efforts, using a personalized program, specially created for you. The most efficient exercises are the ones focused on the using of your qualities and skills simultaneously with the improving of your weaknesses. Together you can get over the limits!

Motivation: more and more people decide to invest in “personal training”, each of them having their own motivation. Experienced personal trainers can motivate you to consider your health and the related activities, as priorities for your life’s style. In the same time, a trainer can help you to find ways for preventing the obstacles aroused while exercising. Working with me you will find new motivations, while I help you to discover yourself, to overcome any barriers, having access, in the same time, to any training level.

Results: the studies proved that people working with personal trainer record with 80% more rapid results than the ones working on their own. According the morphologic type and the objectives, a training program will be designed in order to satisfy everyone’s needs. While you are trained, the trainer monitors your progresses and personalizes your training program. Each class is unique!