Weights training is a process for maximization of the muscular hypertrophy. The benefits of this training bring a positive impact upon the organism and, implicitly, upon the muscular system. The defying of muscular groups as well as the increasing of the muscular mass are targeted, having a positive effect almost on over than 650 muscles from your human body, improving the muscular strengthens.

Advices for increasing of the muscular mass:

  1. increase the quantity of proteins, the effect will be the increasing of the anabolism (qualitative benefit for the muscular mass);
  2. increase the interval between trainings: the biggest mistake is the willing to obtain too much and very fast, this way overtraining yourself; if you don’t let enough resting time between trainings for the same muscular group, you don’t obtain results; ideal is to keep at least three free days, after a heavy training, before you work the same muscular group; this doesn’t mean that, meanwhile, you cannot train other muscular groups; it is important not to forget that muscles increase the volume while resting, not while training;
  3. restrict the training volume: the volume of the training can be defined as the number of the series of exercises performed for a muscular group. Doing to many series, you increase the secretion of the catabolic hormone, leading to a negative impact upon the re-shaping and increasing of the muscular mass. The ideal volume to stimulate the muscular mass is six-eight series divided at two exercises for the small muscles groups and ten-twelve series for the big muscles groups;
  4. try few movements with heavy weights; introduce few movements (between 3-6/serie ) and heavy weights during the trainings, and specially composed exercises, as knee-flexures, horizontal pushing and straightening. These types of exercises are accelerating the construction of an accentuated muscular mass;
  5. increase the resting interval between the series, during a training session; the resting intervals lead to a on-spot refreshing within the nervous cell; my recommendation is to rest not less than two minutes and not more than three minutes after each series of exercise;
  6. eat 6 time a day; I know is difficult to eat so often but the results concerning the muscular mass are more diminished or inexistent if you eat as a sedentary person, 2-3 times/day. Schedule a meal each 2-3 hours, and from the total of meals, two or three can be replaced by protein powders as Total Mass, XXL Pro, 100% Protein Pro. This way is easier to nutritionally sustain the muscular increase. This schedule for meals will increase the absorption of the nutrients and the assimilation of proteins, valuable for your muscles